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Electronics E-waste Recycling

Christian County, KY no longer offers a recycling program for electronics and e-waste. It does not look like it will come back any time soon. I was contacted by American Recycling Nebraska. They offered a free pickup service to me as a registered business. I would like to offer this opportunity to my customers. AR offers free recycling for almost all electronics. For large items like CRT TVs, large flat screen TVs, and large appliances they do charge a small recycling fee.

I’m expecting their next pickup to happen in February. I would like to collect enough stuff to give them a significant amount. The complete list of what they collect is available here.

I am providing this recycling service for free to my customers if I install a new device for them, like a printer or computer. I will wipe your old computer of all data before it is picked up by American Recycling. I am also offering to take any electronics for disposal even if I haven’t done work for you. The only cost will be if American Recycling charges me to pickup the same item on their price sheet.

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