Auto Shop Needs Help

Description of Work — Customer states that they cannot login to their computer. Windows 10 login recovery is required to regain access to the PC.

Resolution — Windows account recovery via the normal process was unsuccessful. Complete wipe and reinstall is necessary. Performed a data backup of the customer’s business software. Then completed a Windows 10 reset to factory condition. Customer’s business invoicing software was reinstalled with the help of company support and invoice data was imported back into invoicing software. Front desk PC was returned to service successfully.

I received a worried phone call from the owner of Tunnel Vision Customs. An auto shop located in Cadiz, KY. The shop was no longer able to log into the computer they used at the front desk to invoice customers. A very serious problem as you can imagine!

I was hopeful that I could complete the password recovery process without any extreme measures but the PC proved to be locked up tight. None of the normal recovery options were functioning so my last option was to backup all of the customer’s data and do a clean wipe of the entire computer.

While I was onsite I learned a little bit about how invoicing software for the automotive industry worked. I spent time with the cool people at TVC. Tunnel Vision Customs is open for business. Go see them in Cadiz, Kentucky for your automotive service needs.

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