Spring Clean Your Computer

I am offering a “spring clean” service available immediately. Email me today to setup an appointment.

  • Dusting PC interior – The interior of your desktop PC collects dust just like anything else. I will use a can of compressed air to remove all dust/dirt. This improves airflow and prevents overheating.
  • Independent Virus scan – I bring with me a thumb drive-based virus scanner. Once that scan is finished I will verify that the installed anti-virus is properly functioning. This verifies your computer is virus-free and on-going protection is working properly.
  • Temporary file cleanup – Temporary or cache files are created while your computer is performing a task such as installing software updates or installing a new program. Once the task is complete all the temporary files should get deleted, but sometimes they don’t. During this service I will check and see if temp files are taking up an unreasonable amount of space and delete them. This frees up hard drive space for you to use and improves performance.
  • OPTIONAL: Evaluation of unneeded installed programs, startup tasks – Most PCs come with trial-ware installed by the manufacturer and over time as the user adds more software the computer can become bogged down. A quick evaluation of the installed software can reveal unused items that if removed can free up memory for more useful purposes.

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