Windows 7 Will Fall Underneath the Upgrade Treadmill

Beginning January 14th Windows 7 computers that are still receiving updates will download a program that displays a full screen warning. The warning states that after the 14th no security updates, no software updates, and no tech support will be provided. The alert will be seen each time a user logs in or at 12pm daily.

However, the common user does have options. First, I think some users will never actually see the warning because Microsoft killed Windows 7’s access to Windows Update in 2016 by ending support for legacy encryption. Second, if you are getting the pop-up there is a method to disable it. Message me and we will get it done immediately! Third, upgrading to Windows 10 is also a valid option. If you want to do an in-place upgrade, Microsoft is not requiring people to pay for an upgrade. You only have to pay me for my time.

Thank you. Contact me to talk about your options and get a price that fits your budget. Looking to forward to seeing you.