Free Advice and Troubleshooting

I recently helped a lady, Vanessa(not her real name), who was having difficulty with her home Internet service going in and out. At the time Vanessa didn’t know whether the problem was her computer or her Internet provider. I called Vanessa and listened to the symptoms she was experiencing and gave her some suggestions on how to troubleshoot the problem.

Then about two weeks later Vanessa calls me and we talk about what she has discovered. The information she has confirms to me that the problem is indeed with her Internet provider and not her computer. So I give her more advice about how to work with customer service to get the best result.

In this instance, it wasn’t neccessary for me to ever go to her house. All Vanessa needed was some direction and advice about how to test her own Internet service and I didn’t charge her for the help.

I’d like to offer this same service to everyone. If you have a question or want advice about any problem you’re having I am available as a source of information. Contact me via the links below.

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What Time is Right for You?

What time is the most convenient for you? I maintain regular hours from 8:00AM to 8:00PM so that I’m available after work … after sports practice … after homework is finished. I’m available to help fix your computer problem.


Failure to Boot After Windows Updates are Installed

This was an identified problem with the May 2019 Windows updates. After installing new updates, if you attempt to rollback to a previous restore point the rollback will fail and the computer will be left unbootable.

If you are experiencing this or similar issues. Email me here.